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What Retro Handheld has the best software?

Discussion in 'Retro Gaming General Discussion' started by neil74, Sep 17, 2020.

  1. neil74

    neil74 New Member

    I currently have the Retroid Pocket 2, RG300 and RG350m (selling the 350) but have not been totally taken with the software on any of them.

    Retroid Pocket 2 - Not a fan of Retroarch and have hit constant issues with controller mappings and roms stopping working and it crashing. I kind of prefer the Retroid OS but it is a little clunky does not support older systems either like Spectrum, C64 or Atari, favouriting stuff is a real hassle too.

    RG300/350m - I have tried stock and CFW on both and actually prefer RetroFW 2.2 on the RG300. It is again a little clunky and it is not something I could hand to my kids for example without having to help them find a game. Tried and failed to get Emulation Station or Simple front working properly on the 350m.

    I do not mind a little tinkering during setup but mostly I'd like a nice pick up and play GUI. Is such a thing out there?
  2. BenDroiX

    BenDroiX Administrator Staff Member

    In most cases you will always have to do a little bit of legwork when using these devices. It comes with the territory of emulation and open source software.
    RetroPie devices are generally quite easy to use provided they come already set-up, as they use big colourful GUIs. You can even put them in "Kid mode" to reduce the odds of people messing with assorted configs.
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  3. neil74

    neil74 New Member

    I do not mind a bit of up front tinkering but so far I seem to have spent more time for example on the Retroid Pocket tinkering. Retroarch is not terrible but I keep hitting niggles e.g. added a load of games as a favourite (tested them first) but when I go back to play a lot of them I either get an error or Retroarch just crashes. The Retroid OS is much better but as I say lacks some systems that I want such as ZX Spectrum. I tried Arc browser but that crashed a lot so I think the retroid cannot really run it.

    EmuELEC looks interesting but is only on a few systems it seems.
  4. BenDroiX

    BenDroiX Administrator Staff Member

    The RG351 that we're planning to launch midway through next month runs EmuELEC, so you might be interested in that. :)

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