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T8- S as an audio source

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Eddie Hawkins, Aug 17, 2020.

  1. Eddie Hawkins

    Eddie Hawkins New Member

    Having originally intended to use this device as a set top box, but that function being made redundant by my ROKU stick, I had decided that it would be a convenient way of listening to digitally stored music, but getting it connected to my DAC whilst being able to navigate through the various apps and files was proving problematic. I eventually got around to buying a cheap display (so that I could see what was going on when the telly was preoccupied with Coronation St) and moved the Droidbox over to the sound side of the room. Having got it all set up, I tried a random track from those that were stored. It worked, but I was rather surprised by the quality.
    For some time I have been using my old Sony CDP-XE530 as a transport. I know it might not be the last word in HiFi reprodaction, but it was good enough for me to think that I could stick with it until it gave up the ghost.
    The first reaction to hearing playback from the T8-S, was a raising of eyebrows. Was I imagining what I heard? No, it really was very much better than listening to CD playback.
    Far from being a convenience, I think that my Droidbox will be very much a part of my audio setup.
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  2. BenDroiX

    BenDroiX Administrator Staff Member

    That's a pretty cool application! A great thing about Android boxes is their versatility, because at the end of the day it's essentially like having a large android phone that you can easily hook up to the TV.

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