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RS-07 Retro Arcade Custom Firmware

Discussion in 'RS-97 series, RS-07 and LDK devices' started by Dave C, Nov 5, 2018.

  1. Dave C

    Dave C Administrator Staff Member

    Note: This custom firmware does not come with any ROMs. Please do not contact DroidBOX Support to ask for ROMs as we will not provide or give support for them.

    We will be posting a full guide shortly on how to install the firmware, but if you are familiar with the process you can find the details below. If you are not familiar with these processes, please wait until the full step by step guide is published.

    The 'Useless' custom firmware only works using the internal Micro SD card reader, this requires you to open your RS-07 device. Please be careful when following the instructions. We also recommend writing the custom firmware to a new (up to 32Gb) Micro SD card so you can revert back to the original Micro SD card and firmware if you wish to.

    Useless CFW for RS-07 Version 1.2 :
    - Added PCSX4ALL. Note that external controllers aren't supported yet.
    - Fixed issues with save states on ECWolf.
    - Fixed USB mounting, now works out of the box.
    - Fixed crashes on Quake
    - Fixed crashes when enabling sound on Vice

    Emulators supported are:
    Atari Lynx
    Final Burn Alpha (Arcade)
    GameBoy Advance
    GameBoy Color
    Master System
    Megadrive inc. Mega CD
    Super Nintendo
    WonderSwam B&W and Color
    ZX Spectrum

    You can download the Useless custom firmware from https://drive.google.com/open?id=1RLiO5xB0eIwRLJeKncE3a2RmHT_95WyX

    You can write the .img file to a Micro SD card using Win32 disk imager or Etcher. After this, you can add your own ROM files to the card

    You will now need to open your RS-07. There will be six screws on the bottom of the device. First remove all the rubber feet from the screw holes, then remove the screws. You may find that one of the screws to the back of the device will not be able to be removed, this is fine.

    Once you have removed the screws, you can use a spudger or blunt item to open the case. Open the case slowly and carefully from the back as there are ribbons connecting the top of the case to the bottom. Once opened, you can see the Micro SD Card slot covered by a piece of foam as shown in the photo below.

    rs-07 sd card area.jpg

    Carefully remove the foam cover and you will be able to remove the Micro SD Card and replace it with the new Micro SD Card. Replace the foam cover, close the case, and put the battery back in.

    Before screwing all the screws back in, quickly test that it is booting to the custom firmware. If it works fine, screw all the screws back in place and then add the rubber feet and you are good to go!
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2019
  2. jjk9

    jjk9 New Member

    If you place the SD card you take out into a computer you can view the folders containing the Rom images and copy them over to the new SD card.
  3. Dave C

    Dave C Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, there will be a couple of different drives if you check in explorer, you wont be able to access some of them but you will see a ROM drive and can copy files to that one.
  4. ahahahaah

    ahahahaah New Member


    i'm using win 7 pro 64 bits and i tryed to read the sd card (with stock firmware) but there is not different drives letter for it, there is only one and windows asks to format it because it can't access it.
  5. Dave C

    Dave C Administrator Staff Member

    You do not need to read anything on the internal SD card unless you are going to install a custom firmware. If you are going to do that, you dont need to access the card, just the drive letter in Win32 DiskImager for example, to write the image.
  6. jjk9

    jjk9 New Member

    There should be multiple drives that show up when the internal card is entered into a pc, one of which should be accessible to windows and contains all the Roms. You could add more roms to the card as their is a few GB free or rename the files to remove the numbers so they get sorted alphabetically. And lastly you can install a custom firmware with better working emulators.
  7. Dave C

    Dave C Administrator Staff Member

  8. jjk9

    jjk9 New Member

    Nope, this is for the standard firmware. As soon as I plug the orginal sd card into my windows pc, three drives show up wanting to be formatted which will be the partitions and a forth viewable drive that can be opened in windows and contains all the roms. This is not the custom firmware as I installed that to a new sd card and then copied the roms from the original card.
  9. Dave C

    Dave C Administrator Staff Member

    Could you email support@droidbox.co.uk with your order number or full name and address so we can locate your details, we can then look into this further. Thanks.
  10. ahahahaah

    ahahahaah New Member

    nope, i have not this behaviour. no multiple drives at all.

    but finnaly i could access the fat32 partition with bootice.

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