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RK2020 red light of dead

Discussion in 'Retro Gaming General Discussion' started by beeno92, Oct 4, 2020.

  1. beeno92

    beeno92 New Member

    I bought the RK2020 on aliexpress but it was broken when receiving the goods, turned on and there were two red lights on the back, not display, when I charged for 2 3 hours, I turned it on, it showed the word hardkenel (flash with odroid 3.7 emuelec ), run for 10-30 seconds and it freezes. If it turns on at that moment, it blacks the screen and two red lights, but wait an hour later it turns on and it freezes again, loops. When it freezes, it has more blue light to freeze, if normal, the green light will blink, I tear down it and take out the battery but still problem, what is the problem, please help me, everyone, thank you very much.
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2020
  2. BenDroiX

    BenDroiX Administrator Staff Member

    Have you tried reinstalling the firmware on the RK2020? We don't have the firmware available, but the seller you got it from might.
    The process for reinstalling should be the same as pretty much any other device. Take out the card, flash it with the right firmware using something like Balena Etcher or Win32DiskImager, then put it back in the system.
    If that doesn't fix it, it could be any number of hardware issues (battery, mainboard, etc.).
  3. beeno92

    beeno92 New Member

    I try ubuntu, emuelec 3.7, batocera... for rk2020, but it freeze, and now, it not turn on display anymore, when I power on, it show two redlight and not show display. Normally, if not the sd card in it, it show, please insert sd card, my machine is error and it not show any thing, black screen when I turn it on, rare, it show screen and freeze in 10-30s with 2 red led and 1 blue led, when frozen, the image will be distorted, the same this video:

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