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RG350 - SD Card Assistance

Discussion in 'RG350 & RG350M Retro Games Handheld' started by Seamus84, Oct 6, 2020.

  1. Seamus84

    Seamus84 New Member

    Hi all,

    Long time retro gamer here however first time RG350 owner.

    The device arrived with the pre-installed micro SD card & I have had no issues using the games, navigating through all the settings however when I insert the card into my laptop, it doesn't show up as an external device like every other SD card I've ever used.

    Is there anything I need to alter on the device before using the SD card with my laptop? I've got a few roms on there that don't appear on there & I'd like to get them on if possible.
  2. BenDroiX

    BenDroiX Administrator Staff Member

    Are you talking about the card -inside- the RG350 (or in the left slot in the case of the RG350M/P)? I believe that card is in the exFAT format, off the top of my head, so you'll need some kind of third-party utility to access it in Windows (or a virtual machine that runs Linux), since Windows can't natively interact with exFAT partitions.
  3. beeno92

    beeno92 New Member

    you can use network application in rg350/rg350m and connect to pc through file zilla or explorer with ip with no password
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