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Long press (touch and hold) not working correctly

Discussion in 'DroiX X3 Android TV Box' started by A. P., Oct 15, 2020.

  1. A. P.

    A. P. New Member

    I have just bought DroiX X3 and came across with a problem when using it.
    The hold and touch function on air mouse remote doesn't work on some apps/Web pages.
    I think the problem is when a WEB page or even a launcher window (for instance, Nova Launcher apps menu) is recognised as a text and not as a graphics window (don't know how to explain it other way).
    For example, if you was to open 'Yahoo News' web page on any Internet browser, it comes up with the Cookies Consent window first that I cannot scroll down because when I press-hold OK button on my remote and move it up, it only selects the text but don't scroll the text. I have tried two different air remotes and both experience the same problem. On my old T8-S Plus there are no issues at all, so it must be a setting on X3's android version.
    Another example is if I open all the apps page on Nova launcher, then try to create shortcut of the app on my home screen, it doesn't do anything when I press OK and hold it for options menu appear. It works on the Home Screen though...
    Is there anything you can help me with this please? I only managed to find an old post off 2018 in Droidbox forums regarding this issue but there is no solution how to fix this in the thread.
    Thank you
  2. VikramDroix

    VikramDroix Administrator Staff Member

    As the device comes with Android Tablet ROM's so most of the websites will be compatible for touch-based device and may have such issues of scrolling down using air mouse. You may try disabling air mouse and use up/down navigation key to navigate and select the options on a webpage. Unfortunately, there are no particular settings on the device that you can change for the same.

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