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Bittboy CFW v4.0 for v2 to v3 models

Discussion in 'BittBoy, PocketGo & PocketGo v2 Handhelds' started by Dave C, Jul 29, 2019.

  1. Dave C

    Dave C Administrator Staff Member

    Find out more and buy the Bittboy at https://droidbox.co.uk/bittboy-v2-retro-gaming-emulator-portable-handheld.html

    Download from

    NOTE: You can find out your model of Bittboy on our FAQ at https://www.droidboxforums.com/threads/bittboy-faq.15489/

    This firmware will need to be installed on top of v3.9 which you can find at https://www.droidboxforums.com/threads/bittboy-cfw-v3-9-beta-20190610-for-v2-v3-v3-5.16579/

    Download the 4.0 update from https://mega.nz/#!otJxUCiT!DVjjnOvQvnHeygzEUl4VGi3d-653rQj-wBSq2URqF7M , unzip it, copy and overwrite on the "main" drive on the SD card.

    Changes are:
    *GAMEBOY: New gambatte version (20190621) - Thanks surkow and hi-ban
    +Adds an 'auto' palette setting. Palette with the same name as the loaded rom will be automatically loaded
    +See pastebin link below for more information on using this feature
    *GB(Rumble): (fix) Included correct rumble version of gambatte - Thanks steward
    +This version of gambatte supports rumble (on games that originally supported rumble), but has less features than the main gambatte port
    *MIDNIGHTWILD: New Game Port! MidnightWild (Arduboy game) - Thanks crait
    *NES: Updated FCEUX emulator - Thanks Scooterpsu
  2. KPKz

    KPKz New Member

    Добрый день, пытаюсь обновить с 3.9 до 4.0 ... файл был удален
  3. Dave C

    Dave C Administrator Staff Member


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