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Feb 26, 2015
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    1. smokin joe
      smokin joe
      hey nigelar,, I'm new here, haven't yet figured out how to navigate this site,, but I have a question about a box to ask,, don't know if its appropriate to barge in to your post..
      1. Nigelar
        Find your droidbox in the forum list and hit the create new post button to ask your question.
        Apr 11, 2018
    2. danica henderson
      danica henderson
      hi dose anyone know how I could fix my android box it keeps freezing then the channel cuts off I have reset to factory setting then downloaded Kodi again and I have also tried to download the maintenance tool to clear the cache but that keeps saying a problem I am loosing it with it now any help would be great
      1. Nigelar
        Which droidbox model please. And which version of kodi or dbmc if you use that. If it (assume you mean kodi) freezes there is no need to factory reset. A reboot should suffice after returning to the android home page (using the home button on the remote).
        May 3, 2017
    3. Coco201q
      Please can you help me updated t8 v3 box and when I click on anything I have the side panal permanently on the screen no wookie app showing no main picture all very confusing
      1. Nigelar
        Best way would be to force stop kodi (android - settings - apps - kodi - force stop.) if that foesnt work clear data then rerun the wookie. Failing that you may need to reinstall kodi.
        Apr 23, 2017
    4. Michael McGee
      Michael McGee
      Hey hows it going? I have a DROIDBOX T8, and I installed a SSD. The problem Im having is the SSD is not being read by my DROIBOX. I formatted the disk threw OPENELEK but still nothing.
      1. Nigelar
        Sorry for late reply, been away. Suggest you post on the t8 section of the main forum. You will get a better response. Include as much detail as possible. I dont know the answer.
        Sep 2, 2016
    5. Kikib_
      Kodi kept force closing so I deleted the data.. BIG MISTAKE! Everything is gone can you please guide on how to get if not everything most of the things back please? !
      1. Nigelar
      2. Nigelar
        delete cache not data next time. use the xunity maintenance program which you will get if you load the wookie wizard
        Apr 3, 2016
      3. Nigelar
        so did this work kikib? as you have not reported back can we assume everything is ok?
        Apr 8, 2016
    6. Nicku82
      New to this and maybe asking the wrong person but I'm having trouble with my remote for droid box mxq. Basically my box won't turn on because of my remote. The remote works because the buttons flash when I press them. The white power button flashes when I press every button but the red power button doesn't turn on the box. Think it's something simple. Any clues mate?
    7. alan lister
      alan lister
      Does anyone know why I can't type anything in the box to add http add? Blank keyboard!!
      1. Nigelar
        2 suggestions. Run the "blank keyboard fix" in xunity maintenance. Also switch to the confluence skin, do what you need to do, then switch back. You may get quicker feedback if you post to the main forum pages rather than as a profile post.
        Jan 22, 2016
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