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  1. long

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  2. jamie kneecap

    jamie kneecap Member

    cheers dude have downloaded and will have a play with it later will report back.. now if only there was something like this for newsgroups it would be perfect.. :)
  3. long

    long New Member

    Got it installed after some messing about

    It would not install from a usb stick i had to download it from my droidbox

    I can get it to open the addon but cant watch somethibg at the monent
    Think its coz the websites are blocked by my isp
    Im still trying to get round it
    Will post again when there is any progress
  4. long

    long New Member

    Its working now

    Had to change the domain settings for the UK
    I will upload a pic of the domain names im using
    Please make sure you change it from https:// to http://

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  5. cliff

    cliff Member

    thanks matey works a treat

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