Proper procedure to remove 12.2 Frodo Apk from Droidbox

Discussion in 'DroidBOX iMX6' started by Gilles Pommainville, Jan 1, 2014.

  1. Gilles Pommainville

    Gilles Pommainville New Member

    Hello all,

    1- could someone help me with the proper procedure to delete 12.2 Frodo Program from my boxes to install 12.3 update? I'm good with installing the Droidbox wizard and all the other configurations.

    2- I have 10 boxes to do, between mine and family and friends. Is there a way to save the configurations (add-ons, tweeks and confluence icons from one box to SD card and simply load onto other boxes?

    Help on this would be great
  2. MaxxDroid

    MaxxDroid Guest


    1) There is no batch tool available for multiple boxes at once. I recommend you remove the unnecessary application (or APK etc) from one box, make a CWM backup and do a recovery on other boxes. You can do it at the same time if you have 10 sd cards...

    2) The best way is to set up one iMX6 as you need and then make a CWM backup of it (either Online Nandroid or boot into CWM) and then boot into other iMX6-s and do a recovery with the setup you backed up before.

    This is the most simple and efficient way

    Do you need help with CWM ?
  3. Gilles Pommainville

    Gilles Pommainville New Member

    Thank you for the quick response,
    I'm ok with doing one box at a time. I just would like to make one good image with the add-ons wanted and be able to load onto other boxes without going thru the entire adding and deleting. IE: porn sites and useless add-ons from the UK. that require accounts and passwords...

    And yes Help with CWM would be appreciated!
    Thanks again
  4. Gilles Pommainville

    Gilles Pommainville New Member

    forgot to ask about #1-
    I have deleted xbmc from the android file manager and xbmc is still there.... any tips on properly deleting 12.2 Frodo from the box? once done I will install 12.3 APK
    thanks again
  5. MaxxDroid

    MaxxDroid Guest

    Download CWM from here:!JMRnXaiS!OFxvKz3UheOLczyu1izNvyCNYmd2JarrvLsXhtb0xkU

    Extract the zip file on your PC.

    Put the 2 files on sd card. There should be no other files before the first use of sd card, only these. If you used the sd card as recovery beforem you must fully format the sd card before usage (FULL FORMAT not the quick one).



    Turn off iMX6.
    Remove power cord.
    Insert a match or a toothpick inside the AV hole to press the reset button. You will feel a click.
    Hold reset button down for 10 seconds.
    Let it boot to CWM.
    Use it only for RECOVERY and BACKUP, nothing else.

    As a first thing, back up your box.
  6. MaxxDroid

    MaxxDroid Guest

    You are not supposed to just delete files on Android system by any means of file explorers etc.

    Use the uninstall function in the Settings -> Apps -> Select the App -> Uninstall
  7. Julian Davidson

    Julian Davidson New Member

    Which is what I did and now have a nicely running 12.3. Is Droidbox going to bring out their own customised version of 12.3 or a custom add-on pack to make it look like the version that came with the box? Just interested.

    Yes, I installed, XBMCHub and the xfinity add-ons too, running very nicely
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  8. Gilles Pommainville

    Gilles Pommainville New Member

    Thank you all for the great and helpful responses.

    I will give it all a try in the morning...
  9. MaxxDroid

    MaxxDroid Guest

    Keep us informed ...
  10. Gilles Pommainville

    Gilles Pommainville New Member


    I made a boob move. I was performing a factory reset when the toothpick came off the button and now I think I've corrupted the box somehow...
    the reason I was doing this was to have a fresh start box. I was going to re-load everything and configure it all to my liking and use the CWM to make an image of this box to enable me to load the image onto other boxes.

    Any advise on repairing this box?
    Now it hangs on the android screen. The screen is the one that is on the black screen and is in small letters. after multiple starts it will go.

    I have done both the recovery factory reset and flash to rectify, nothing works to solve this issue.
    Any thoughts on this would be appreciated!
    Boob (Lol)
  11. MaxxDroid

    MaxxDroid Guest

    Factory reset is never a good idea.... it deletes all apps from the box ..... you better do a recovery, instructions are here:
  12. glen mccue

    glen mccue New Member

    Hi, I got my droidbox imx6 today and I was doing the start up when all of a sudden the box reset and the screen went black. Now when I plug it in via HDMI I get nothing on my screen, like the tv doesnt even recognise that anything is plugged in but I get a picture if I use the AV lead. Anyway I'm stuck on a black screen with half the XBMC logo in black and red. I'm pulling my hair out here as i've tried a reset and nothing works. Where do I go from here guys?

    This is the screen I get on start up.
    Screenshot 2014-01-11 14.21.43.png
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