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How To MANUALLY Install The DroidBOX Wizard Add-On For XBMC - Frodo

Discussion in 'DroidBOX Wizard Add-On' started by SilentlyScreaming, Jul 15, 2014.

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  1. SilentlyScreaming

    SilentlyScreaming Administrator Staff Member

    If you have decided to try a build of XBMC (Frodo/v12) from someone other than us, you will find it doesn't have our DroidBOX Wizard add-on pre-installed. If you want to add it, please


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    Copy it to a microSD/SD Card or USB thumb drive/external hard drive
    Plug the device into your DroidBOX
    Start the XBMC app
    Select System, click Settings. From here, we need to highlight Add-ons and then “Install from zip file”
    On the right hand side, select Root File System then extSdCard if you are installing from a micro SD/SD Card or UsbDriveA if you’re installing from a USB drive
    Locate the previously downloaded plugin.video.droidboxwizard.zip file and select it
    Once the installation is complete, don't forget to

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