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  1. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    DroidBOX wizard addon was developed to support our users keep the addons installed into their devices up to date.
    Please follow the steps to have the addon installed.
    1. Download the zip file attached -
    2. Copy it to the SD Card or USB Drive
    3. Plug the SD Card into the device
    4. Open XBMC and go to System -> Settings-> Add-ons -> Install from zip file -> Root File System -> extSdCard if you are installing from the SD Card & UsbDriveA if you are installing from USB drive.
    5. Select the file
    6. Go to Video -> Add-ons after you get the succesfull install notification in the bottom right corner
    7. Select DroidBOX Wizard addon
    8. Select the device & operating system you are using. Note- Don't install the addons pack for other devices, this will brick you XBMC installation. In case you did select wrong addons pack, follow this instruction to have your XBMC reset -
    9. After you have selected the Addons pack for you device it will download and install the addons for your device.
    10. Please restart the xbmc after the install procedure has been finished
    11. Give another 5-10 minutes for the xbmc to update addons to the latest version.
    12. All done. Enjoy your DroidBOX! :)

    Please note, the addons packs will only fit these devices:
    DroidBOX X7
    DroidBOX V8
    DroidBOX V9
    DroidBOX iMX6

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  2. Paul Fay

    Paul Fay New Member

    Hi just bought Droidbox x7. Very impressive. Only thing I cannot get working is the DroidboxWizard on XBMC. My date and time are set to correct local settings but everytime I try to install add on it says script failed. Please help. Ta
  3. SilentlyScreaming

    SilentlyScreaming Administrator Staff Member

    DroidBOX Wizard add-on is not working for SOME of our customers right now. We are investigating what the root cause is. There was an issue last night when no one could use it, however this initial problem was resolved. We now have a situation where some customers can't access it, whilst others can. Could you let me know your ISP please, as we're trying to find the common shared variables with customers who can't access the add-on properly.
  4. tcbigguns

    tcbigguns New Member

    Not working for me either
    ISP is BT
  5. SilentlyScreaming

    SilentlyScreaming Administrator Staff Member

    Let's keep the discussion in one thread - DroidBOX Wizard. Easier to keep up to date with changes that way.
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